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“300 Rise of an Empire” Netflix Download Free Video Watch 300 Rise of an Empire Cine 2014, Watch 300 Rise of an Empire Online Putlocker While warrior-king Leonidas was bond it up at Thermopylae, Athenian accepted Themistocles was accomplishing his damnedest to bulwark off the Persian fleet at adjacent Artemisium. That’s the action dramatized in 300: Rise of an Empire, aswell based on antecedent actual by Miller, this time with Israeli administrator Noam Murro at the captain (though Snyder had a duke in the screenplay). Already again, real, reside animal actors accept been subjected to some base CGI action that renders their derma poreless and collapsed — it glows like reconstituted marble. And again, 99.9 per cent of the characters are men who run about jabbing swords into one another’s sternums and going, “Gaaah!” This time they’re just accomplishing it at sea.


You don’t charge to accept apparent 300 to get the basis of Rise of an Empire, admitting it apparently helps. Gerard Butler does not accomplish a acknowledgment as Leonidas, admitting his face shows up in the absolutely beauteous aperture shot, a brownish assortment of asleep bodies that gradually accouterment into a afterlife illustration rendered in aerial but aglow colors, like medieval decrepit glass. This time around, Themistocles, gentle-spirited but boxy as a lion’s claw, is the brilliant of the appearance — he’s played by Australian amateur Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom, Gangster Squad), who musters at atomic a few whiskers’ account of ascendancy as he delivers sub-St. Crispin’s Day curve like, “We accept to die on our anxiety rather than reside on our knees!”

Those who admired 300 — or even just those who anamnesis it as a anatomy becloud — will agenda the acknowledgment of several characters, a part of them Lena Headey’s stern, no-makeup-look Queen Gorgo, David Wenham’s one-eyed warrior Dilios, and, best of all, Rodrigo Santoro’s Persian god-king Xerxes, who already afresh graces the awning with his assorted piercings, gold-dipped skin, and bright chrome dome. He’s like the Oscar Statuette beyond with Mr. Clean.

Body piercings, ballsy choirs over bedrock music, uber-violence and abs that would accomplish Ryan Gosling’s abs bloom can alone beggarly one thing: a new bivouac for “300: Rise of an Empire.”

While Gerard Butler’s Leonidas will not appear aback for the new cine because of the slight affliction of — addle-brain active — getting dead, his wife Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey), still abscessed about said death, wants animus on Xerxes, baton of the Persians who dead him. She asks hunky Greek accepted Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) to do action for her, chain the Greeks in the process.

Rodrigo Santoro aswell allotment from the aboriginal blur to play the still-alive Persian god-king Xerxes, abounding with aureate abbreviate shorts and added physique piercings than a jailbait concert.

But really, we shouldn’t be talking about artifice if it comes to a “300” trailer. As a anxiety voiceover by newcomer to the alternation Eva Green spells out, these movies are about “The beatitude of animate and flesh. The diaphoresis of beef and rage.”

Prior to the 300: Rise of an Empire preview, a almost abounding New York amphitheater (at atomic in the fan sections) was greeted to a video addition by Lena Headey, who was her accepted poised, adjustable British self. As the extra acclaimed in her video address to the fans, it has been seven years back the aboriginal 300 graced big screens like a slow-motion ballet of claret and overcompensating masculinity. However, Headey has become an old pro of belief and fan-heavy entertainments, including her band admired TV alternation Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and her admired (period) TV alternation Game of Thrones. So, acutely an old duke at this, she smiled as she reminisced on the aboriginal blur getting a beheld and belly treat, as able-bodied on how any recordings of this footage would be a betrayal of her trust. And we all apperceive how Spartans accord with trust.